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FAQ:Frequently Ask Questions


Is there a fee to Register ?

Registration is free, you can register as a buyer or seller or both. We only allow one account per person.

If you register as a seller you can list up to 200 items per month. If you want to list more items you can open a store. Click here for store plans.


Bidding & Buying

How Can I bid on an item ?

Once you register You can place a bid on an item or you can place a proxy bid. With a proxy bid our system will automatically place bids for you up to your proxy bid amount.

What is Non Sniper Auction Endings ?

Some auction sites end auctions at a particular time. This allows sniper software to place a bid at the last second, and win the item not allowing any other bids. Our endings work different. Auctions have a scheduled ending time, but if there is a bid within the last 2 minutes of the auction it is automatically extended for an additional 2 minutes allowing additional bids. This will continue until there are no more bids. This is how real auctions end going once, going twice, fair warning, SOLD.

Do you charge sales tax on purchases ?

We are not required to charge sales tax for items shipped out of state.

Our sellers only charge tax for states where they have a physical location. You should check with a particular seller to find out if they charge sales tax for your shipping location.

International customers are responsible for all customs and duties charged by your country.

Paying for a purchase.

After winning an auction the item will be placed in your shopping cart for purchase.

Please checkout within two days of the auction end. Some sellers may set a limited amount of time for you to pay for the item before it is removed from your cart. Sellers use different payment providers ie: PayPal or Stripe. The payment method will be displayed on all listings.

I received the wrong item, or I’m not happy with the item.

You should try to work out any problems with the seller. Our sellers are reputable and want you to be happy with your purchase. If you cannot work it out we urge you to contact the payment provider ie; PayPal or your credit card. These providers have strict rules and will usually be able to make it right. We are a auction platform and bring together buyers and seller. These issues are best handled by financial providers. We also urge you to leave feedback in line with your experience. We monitor our site regularly and strive to provide a safe marketplace for our guests, If anyone is misleading customers or repeatedly not performing to our high standards they will be removed form our marketplace. Very simple please remember a scout is trustworthy, If we all live by this everyone will have an enjoyable experience.




How do I list an item for sale ?

First you must register. Then you will need a payment provider such as PayPal or Stripe.

Listing items for sale is easy just go to sell a item. 1) Pick a category 2) Enter a title & description. 3) Answer a few questions about the item ie: new/used 4) Add 1-10 pictures to the listing. 5) Chose auction or fixed price listing, a start & end time, Price, shipping methods & times, return policy, and any upgrades.

That’s it your item will be listed for auction or fixed price. Happy selling.

If you have a lot of items to sell you can list in bulk using a CSV File. See details here

How many items can I sell ?

We offer 200 free Insertions per month either auction or fixed price.

If you want to sell more you can open a store. See details here

How much does it cost to sell an item ?

Please see our fees Here

After I sell an item when should I ship ?

You should wait until the buyer has paid for the item. Then we recommend you ship as soon as possible. In the internet world everyone wants everything right away. When you list an item for sale you will be ask to state a shipping time ie: 1 day, 2days, etc. Please “Do Your Best” to honor this shipping commitment. Shipping fast and secure packages will help you to earn a good feedback rating.

Still Need Help ?

Contact Customer Service : Support@BoyScoutAuctions.Com